The Society of Biological Psychiatry was founded on January 21, 1985

  • by the Biopsychiatry Research Society for the first time in Korea, and on December 3, 1994, it was renamed into the current 『The Korean Society of Biological Therapies』 (“The Korean Society of Biological Therapies”) in Psychiatry (KSBTP)”. The purpose of this society is to contribute to the development of the field of psychiatry, including biological treatment, and to strengthen friendship among members.
  • Since the establishment of this society, the field of biological therapy in the field of psychiatry has made remarkable progress and has become a leading and important academic field in psychiatry. In response to these changes, our society has opened the door to participation in order to lead the domestic biotherapeutic psychiatry field and contribute to the balanced development and growth of psychiatry.
  • As a result, beyond the image of a local society in the early days of the establishment of the society, it is now growing into a national society. In the meantime, with the dedicated efforts of the former presidents and executive officers, its regular spring and fall academic conferences, training sessions, and publication of high-quality academic journals have made the society more substantial. Now it is a true professional society with more than 200 lifelong members. With great appreciation to interest and support of our members, the entire board of directors of our society, including myself as the chairman, will do our best to make the society a more developed one. In addition, we will double the tradition of close friendship and lively communication between regular members. We look forward to your unwavering affection and active participation in our society. And also please don't hesitate to submit research papers to academic journals. We promise to reflect on the operation of the society at any time if you give us any help or suggestions. We wish our members all the best in the tough times caused by COVID-19.
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